October 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Brrr… October is here!


Be a Meeting Hero

Chair effective meetings: right attendees, preparation, stated objectives, discussion, review actions, schedule follow up!

Amazon/ Meeting Hero by Tom LaForce


Turn off the unread email count badge!

When you begin to feel daunted by a staggering pile of unreads, sometimes ignorance is bliss.  You will feel recharged and motivated to take scheduled bites out of your inbox.  http://www.howtogeek.com/181734/how-to-disable-the-number-on-the-mail-icon-for-ipad-iphone/.


Sleep-in once in a while.

Schedule ahead of time with co-workers, supervisor, clients, etc for a late start some morning.  Catch-up on a home project or non-critical appointments. Visit a friend for coffee.  Recharge.  Especially useful on one of those upcoming winter mornings.


September 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Hello Team,

September! What?!?  I took August off from posting. Laziness! Now we’re back, busier than ever. Fittingly, a few topics came to attention:


Battle demotivation!

Illustrate your big-picture plan.  List and check-off your achievements from past steps. Listing and check-boxing future steps will help focus attention and bring new opportunities to light!


Deep Work

Record and monitor the duration of undisrupted practice, planning or work that you are able to achieve  during a week.  For knowledge workers, Cal Newport suggests optimal time split is 50% undisrupted, 50% collaborative.  Are you giving yourself the space to succeed?


Reward to reinforce.

To reinforce habits, set out a reward with each goal. Ensure the reward will reinforce the habit.  This was described by Gretchen Rubin in a recent summit with Michael Hyatt.  Gretchen has authored: Happy at Home, Better than before, The Happiness Project and hosts a podcast: http://gretchenrubin.com/podcast/

Pumpkin Spice Latte Season is just around the corner, start setting those rewards…


July 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Power – Facts and Science Part 1
4 in-4 out -2 hold.

BREATHE Rhythmically, Evenly And Through the Heart Everyday.  BREATHE. Check out around 9mins 30 seconds in this Tedx video:

Follow up – consistently

This applies in all cases: if the plan changes, when a task is completed, if you need more info, in sales.  An active sales/service person I’ve dealt with includes a quote with his email signature, “90% of business is lost because of indifference”

Progress – Facts and Science Part 2

If you haven’t already, start observing your heart rate when you are content or when you become agitated.  Practice noticing a difference when you change your breathing pattern, smooth vs halting or rushed.  Around Minute 17ish of the same video.

June 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress


Mastermind your own success

Napoleon Hill used this term in his book “Think and Grow Rich”.  If you don’t already have a group, go recruit a few friends for practice.  Once you have the hang of it, recruit a few all-stars to heighten your game.



Stand up to get more done – the science is in from a Texas A&M study.




Summer time bonus time – early wake-up

With brighter June mornings it is easier than ever to get up a bit early.  Try subtracting 15 minutes from your normal alarm during the next week.  Apply this bonus time to drawings, playing music, stretching, thinking deep thoughts (and writing them down).  You might just get hooked!

As always, have fun!

May 2016 Power – Produce – Progress

This month I would appreciate some mentoring feedback: what has worked for you in the past, what was a great mentoring memory for you?  I started mentoring several individuals in related sphere’s of profession and performance. Tips are much appreciated!  Send ideas to the email address at the bottom of this post.


Compete – at an individual event.  Pushing yourself against competition will expand your own limits for performance.  Get in there and feel the adrenaline!


Set aside a place to record your commitments to others.   Write down, dictaphone, or draw the actions you have to deliver: update for your supervisor, draft report for co-worker, be on-time for meeting family member, pay Visa.


Eat some quality chocolate! or bit of your favourite snack when you’ve had a really good day.  Train that brain to work smarter!



April 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

A year has flown by since my first post!

This month, some excitement for the Introverts!


Speak-up.  Look for opportunities to challenge your social conditioning: Offer a complement, a word of encouragement, help someone.  Build your experience-bank for taking action.


Bullet Journal – become a better note taker. http://bulletjournal.com/


GO fishing!  Learn to light a fire… Find a place and practice primal survival skills to briefly reconnect with nature.

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