November 2015 – Power – Produce – Progress

Welcome back, Movember!

If you haven’t already, go buy a ticket for TEDxVancouver on November 14th!

This month I found,


Do your best work early!

When you have the option, schedule the morning for any important meeting, presentation or interview.  Get up early and perform a high-intensity, short duration legs workout (dead-lift, cleans, squats, etc).  You will achieve a boost of endorphin, testosterone, and lower cortisol  (stress hormone) levels.  Then, go and ‘communicate’ with your audience!


Capture ideas and save the brain power wasted trying to remember!

Carry a small pocket notebook or pad and pen/pencil to capture ideas, notes, reminders.  Write action or follow up items as you think of them.  Then input them to your self-management system (calendar, weekly planner, to-do list) later. Save your brain power for action planning, not remembering!


Learn to breathe deep.

A fundamental of managing your natural stress response is learning to breath with purpose: Check out this video and try practicing

Or the Elmo “belly breath” song that my 2 year old daughter enjoys!

Happy Movember! Grow long and strong!

See you at TEDx Vancouver!

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