December 2015 – Power – Produce – Progress

It was great seeing a few of you at TEDx Vancouver.

During November I found,


After seeing the level of competition at my first Toastmaster District Conference speech contest, I will definitely be applying this principle in future presentations.

Command attention On the In Breath

If you have not yet read it, check out page 72,73 of Mark Bowden’s book, Winning Body Language.  He describes the real techniques you can use to inspire your audience to listen.

“With more oxygen, the brain can afford to deal with (process) more information—it is happy for you to see and hear more. This is great for you as an influencer: the more information you have, the more power you have to persuade”


Select the correct medium of communication for the results you want.

Don’t send an email when a phone call will do.

  • For information sharing: in person, sticky note, email, paper
  • For team coordination: team meeting, status and forecast tracker, resource loaded schedule, FaceTime or video conference, conference call as a last resort
  • For group collaboration: in person meeting with white board or graphics, video-screen sharing, video conference.

This idea came from the podcast: Coaching for Leaders,  Episode 95. Check it out.


Environment inspires you

Add original art to your work space. It will remind you of the singular focus and invigorating sensation of creating content!  If you created the art, all the better to draw you back to that feeling!

As always, give these a try. I would love to hear you results!

Happy Holidays.



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