January 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

January 2016!?! Already?!?  This year I have a few new resolutions and game-plans to keep them.


Learn how to be funny.  Seriously!

Read about and practice how to use humour effectively in the work place.  Chapter 3 of Primal Leadership clearly makes the case for harnessing the skill to get people on your side. From Pg 34,

“The researchers also interviewed high-level leaders, almost half of whom were CEOs or general managers from the United States and abroad, about high and low points in their careers. During the interview, the outstanding leaders used three times more humorous comments—about one every four minutes—than the average leaders.”  – Primal Leadership: Learning to lead with Emotional Intelligence – 2001


Review personal one and two year goals daily.

You have written them down, right? Keeping your goals fresh in memory will allow you to see more opportunities toward achieving them. Never miss a chance to move forward!


Keep “work shoes” at work.

Change out of your “work shoes” at the end of the work day.  Your subconscious will shift gears and relax in your next footwear choice. Your shoes will likely last longer as well!

Give me shout if you are curious about my Day 1 resolution, started today!



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