February 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Hi Team,

Like Bill Murray in ‘Ground Hog Day’, What should you start doing, what are you doing that should stop, what should you continue to do?


What is one small thing that you have been meaning to get done?  Right now, write it down and the next two steps to achieve it.  First thing tomorrow morning,  just go and do it. Eat that frog! Geez!


 What is a something you regularly forget or that you waste time at everyday?  How can you resolve it?

  • A hook for your missing car keys?
  • A cup beside your bed for morning glass of water?
  • An evening checklist to rest easy knowing all matters are resolved?


 What can you continue doing?  In Ground Hog Day, Bill learns to make his world a better place.  I would suggest his patience and practice at the piano play a big part!  I encourage you to latch onto your favorite hobby and work on mastering it.  Every skill is transferable, especially in music!

Thanks for all of the great feedback to date! The encouragement and ideas are always appreciated! Keep it up!

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