March 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Spring 2016 is almost here!


Seasonal rhythm – pursue goals for the season.

I heard this mentioned in an interview with Todd Henry, about his book “The Accidental Creative”.   Spring is great to start project, summer for creating relationships, fall and winter for focusing on maintaining.


When you hit a mental impasse, step away, engage in conversation, and seek the bigger picture.

That was my take-away after reading “Your brain at work” by David Rock.

His description of the real-time “aha moment” viewed through fMRI was pretty cool. Like a reverse-motion film of a water droplet hitting a pond. Waves of thought subside briefly before the moment of insight erupts!


Another borrowed from Todd Henry: Creativity – take time to think deep thoughts, build strategy. Reserve at least 1 hour per week, ideally in the morning. If you want to think deeply, read the works of those who think deeply.

Until next month, keep testing and sharing great ideas!


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