May 2016 Power – Produce – Progress

This month I would appreciate some mentoring feedback: what has worked for you in the past, what was a great mentoring memory for you?  I started mentoring several individuals in related sphere’s of profession and performance. Tips are much appreciated!  Send ideas to the email address at the bottom of this post.


Compete – at an individual event.  Pushing yourself against competition will expand your own limits for performance.  Get in there and feel the adrenaline!


Set aside a place to record your commitments to others.   Write down, dictaphone, or draw the actions you have to deliver: update for your supervisor, draft report for co-worker, be on-time for meeting family member, pay Visa.


Eat some quality chocolate! or bit of your favourite snack when you’ve had a really good day.  Train that brain to work smarter!



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