July 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Power – Facts and Science Part 1
4 in-4 out -2 hold.

BREATHE Rhythmically, Evenly And Through the Heart Everyday.  BREATHE. Check out around 9mins 30 seconds in this Tedx video:

Follow up – consistently

This applies in all cases: if the plan changes, when a task is completed, if you need more info, in sales.  An active sales/service person I’ve dealt with includes a quote with his email signature, “90% of business is lost because of indifference”

Progress – Facts and Science Part 2

If you haven’t already, start observing your heart rate when you are content or when you become agitated.  Practice noticing a difference when you change your breathing pattern, smooth vs halting or rushed.  Around Minute 17ish of the same video.

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