September 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Hello Team,

September! What?!?  I took August off from posting. Laziness! Now we’re back, busier than ever. Fittingly, a few topics came to attention:


Battle demotivation!

Illustrate your big-picture plan.  List and check-off your achievements from past steps. Listing and check-boxing future steps will help focus attention and bring new opportunities to light!


Deep Work

Record and monitor the duration of undisrupted practice, planning or work that you are able to achieve  during a week.  For knowledge workers, Cal Newport suggests optimal time split is 50% undisrupted, 50% collaborative.  Are you giving yourself the space to succeed?


Reward to reinforce.

To reinforce habits, set out a reward with each goal. Ensure the reward will reinforce the habit.  This was described by Gretchen Rubin in a recent summit with Michael Hyatt.  Gretchen has authored: Happy at Home, Better than before, The Happiness Project and hosts a podcast:

Pumpkin Spice Latte Season is just around the corner, start setting those rewards…


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