February 2018 – Power – Produce – Progress

After a long hiatus, the sun is back and so is Power Produce Progress!


Nap-accino!  When your early afternoon eye-droop hits.

In Daniel Pink’s new book, When, he describes the coffee+power nap combo!



Picture your success!

Your brain loves images. Rather than a to-do list, try a photo timeline of your immediate goals.  This could be hand-drawn or images on printed page.  Either way, your picture list will be worth thousands of “to-do” words…


And now, an installment from our new contributor, Keith Martin, P.Eng

A notebook for your frame of mind!

Writing things down makes an idea, a task, or an emotion that much more clear to me. To help me do this I use several notebooks to organize my thoughts and my plans without having to carry them all in my head.

First, I use a paper agenda to schedule my appointments and to-do’s. Not only is it an effective way to organize my calendar and make notes, it also provides the opportunity to look back at an entire year and take stock of accomplishments, challenges, and special moments.

In addition, I keep a journal to express emotions and thoughts in a private way – something just for me to know and to share. This helps me sort out the thoughts in my mind and remember items I want to discuss with my partner, my therapist, or family.

I also keep a “five-minute journal,” a gift I received from my psychologist cousin. In the morning, I write down a) 3 things I am grateful for, b) 3 things that would make today great, and c) a daily affirmation. I then repeat these aloud to myself, to let them sink in. In the evening, I write down 3 amazing things that happened in the day, and 2 things that would have made it go even better. It is a simple way to bring more positivity into my life.

Lastly, I have another journal where I keep track of ideas, learnings, and inspiration. Entries could be notes from a leadership book I am reading, wisdom from a meeting with a mentor, or personal inspiration. It helps to write them down.

So, I encourage you to take up writing in a notebook for yourself – and see where it takes you!


Until next month…

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