February 2020 – Power – Produce – Progress

Where have the years gone?!  We are back to recharge and grow!

Hamstring length and strength
Ensure your foundation and core are ready for action when you need to spring into action.   Hamstrings are the unsung hero of locomotion. Sitting all day does them no justice.
I found this stretch to be less painful than expected!

Before tasks requiring brain-storming or creative work, Take a brain break (5-10-15 mins) to play an observation / recognition puzzle. Prepping your subconscious to fire up the pattern detection hardware will make any work session more effective!

Hygge – The Danish / Norwegian recipe for happiness: Get Cozy
This cultural tradition focuses on enjoying simple comforts to find contentment. Especially useful during dreary, soggy winter months!
Collecting more for next month!

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