April 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

A year has flown by since my first post!

This month, some excitement for the Introverts!


Speak-up.  Look for opportunities to challenge your social conditioning: Offer a complement, a word of encouragement, help someone.  Build your experience-bank for taking action.


Bullet Journal – become a better note taker. http://bulletjournal.com/


GO fishing!  Learn to light a fire… Find a place and practice primal survival skills to briefly reconnect with nature.

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March 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Spring 2016 is almost here!


Seasonal rhythm – pursue goals for the season.

I heard this mentioned in an interview with Todd Henry, about his book “The Accidental Creative”.   Spring is great to start project, summer for creating relationships, fall and winter for focusing on maintaining.


When you hit a mental impasse, step away, engage in conversation, and seek the bigger picture.

That was my take-away after reading “Your brain at work” by David Rock.

His description of the real-time “aha moment” viewed through fMRI was pretty cool. Like a reverse-motion film of a water droplet hitting a pond. Waves of thought subside briefly before the moment of insight erupts!


Another borrowed from Todd Henry: Creativity – take time to think deep thoughts, build strategy. Reserve at least 1 hour per week, ideally in the morning. If you want to think deeply, read the works of those who think deeply.

Until next month, keep testing and sharing great ideas!


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February 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

Hi Team,

Like Bill Murray in ‘Ground Hog Day’, What should you start doing, what are you doing that should stop, what should you continue to do?


What is one small thing that you have been meaning to get done?  Right now, write it down and the next two steps to achieve it.  First thing tomorrow morning,  just go and do it. Eat that frog! Geez!


 What is a something you regularly forget or that you waste time at everyday?  How can you resolve it?

  • A hook for your missing car keys?
  • A cup beside your bed for morning glass of water?
  • An evening checklist to rest easy knowing all matters are resolved?


 What can you continue doing?  In Ground Hog Day, Bill learns to make his world a better place.  I would suggest his patience and practice at the piano play a big part!  I encourage you to latch onto your favorite hobby and work on mastering it.  Every skill is transferable, especially in music!

Thanks for all of the great feedback to date! The encouragement and ideas are always appreciated! Keep it up!

January 2016 – Power – Produce – Progress

January 2016!?! Already?!?  This year I have a few new resolutions and game-plans to keep them.


Learn how to be funny.  Seriously!

Read about and practice how to use humour effectively in the work place.  Chapter 3 of Primal Leadership clearly makes the case for harnessing the skill to get people on your side. From Pg 34,

“The researchers also interviewed high-level leaders, almost half of whom were CEOs or general managers from the United States and abroad, about high and low points in their careers. During the interview, the outstanding leaders used three times more humorous comments—about one every four minutes—than the average leaders.”  – Primal Leadership: Learning to lead with Emotional Intelligence – 2001


Review personal one and two year goals daily.

You have written them down, right? Keeping your goals fresh in memory will allow you to see more opportunities toward achieving them. Never miss a chance to move forward!


Keep “work shoes” at work.

Change out of your “work shoes” at the end of the work day.  Your subconscious will shift gears and relax in your next footwear choice. Your shoes will likely last longer as well!

Give me shout if you are curious about my Day 1 resolution, started today!



December 2015 – Power – Produce – Progress

It was great seeing a few of you at TEDx Vancouver.

During November I found,


After seeing the level of competition at my first Toastmaster District Conference speech contest, I will definitely be applying this principle in future presentations.

Command attention On the In Breath

If you have not yet read it, check out page 72,73 of Mark Bowden’s book, Winning Body Language.  He describes the real techniques you can use to inspire your audience to listen.

“With more oxygen, the brain can afford to deal with (process) more information—it is happy for you to see and hear more. This is great for you as an influencer: the more information you have, the more power you have to persuade”


Select the correct medium of communication for the results you want.

Don’t send an email when a phone call will do.

  • For information sharing: in person, sticky note, email, paper
  • For team coordination: team meeting, status and forecast tracker, resource loaded schedule, FaceTime or video conference, conference call as a last resort
  • For group collaboration: in person meeting with white board or graphics, video-screen sharing, video conference.

This idea came from the podcast: Coaching for Leaders,  Episode 95. Check it out.  http://coachingforleaders.com/podcast/reduce-distractions/


Environment inspires you

Add original art to your work space. It will remind you of the singular focus and invigorating sensation of creating content!  If you created the art, all the better to draw you back to that feeling!

As always, give these a try. I would love to hear you results!

Happy Holidays.



November 2015 – Power – Produce – Progress

Welcome back, Movember!

If you haven’t already, go buy a ticket for TEDxVancouver on November 14th!

This month I found,


Do your best work early!

When you have the option, schedule the morning for any important meeting, presentation or interview.  Get up early and perform a high-intensity, short duration legs workout (dead-lift, cleans, squats, etc).  You will achieve a boost of endorphin, testosterone, and lower cortisol  (stress hormone) levels.  Then, go and ‘communicate’ with your audience!


Capture ideas and save the brain power wasted trying to remember!

Carry a small pocket notebook or pad and pen/pencil to capture ideas, notes, reminders.  Write action or follow up items as you think of them.  Then input them to your self-management system (calendar, weekly planner, to-do list) later. Save your brain power for action planning, not remembering!


Learn to breathe deep.

A fundamental of managing your natural stress response is learning to breath with purpose: Check out this video and try practicing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ua9bOsZTYg

Or the Elmo “belly breath” song that my 2 year old daughter enjoys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mZbzDOpylA

Happy Movember! Grow long and strong!

See you at TEDx Vancouver!

October 2015 – Power – Produce – Progress

Hi Team,

For October 2015 Power, Productivity and Progress I have found:


Be decisive through Principles.

Employers, clients and significant others seek people of action. You can train yourself to be more decisive by self-affirming your principles at least once daily.

Write down your ideal principles or guiding values (5-10). Read them first thing in the morning and again after any stressful situations. They will become ingrained, habit. In situations of conflict or challenge, your decisions and actions will default to these principles, really without thinking. Practice being decisive and observe how others react to you. I would like to hear from you what you experience.


I finally read “Getting things Done” by David Allen.

My take away,  was page 76 of 291 (in my epub version) The Natural Planning Model.

  1. Define purpose and principles
  2. Visualize outcome (features of success)
  3. Brainstorm open, relevant questions (what, when, how, who?)
  4. Organize (components, priorities, sequence)
  5. Next actions – start executing: pick up the phone, write the letter, build the web-site… etc.

If you haven’t already found a copy, locate the first edition on Bookzz.org as a free epub.   Try the planning method in your next task.


Be intentional in your conversations with others.

Put your phone down, turn-off your computer monitor. Don’t try to multi-task. If it’s a work related conversation, take notes of the current state and the agreed path forward. You will be more relaxed, observant and attentive.

In any conversation, be the one to ask the next question:

  1. “How do you expect the next step / meeting / contest / workshop to go?”
  2. “What planning / action / review will make ‘X’ happen smoothly?”
  3. “You said you really enjoyed / hated ‘X’. What made it exceptional?”

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