April 2015 – Power – Produce – Progress

Hi Team,

I have rejuvenated the mentoring topics and moving forward will be posting a monthly conversation starter.  I encourage you to pursue investigation on your own, spinning off from the suggested topics.  I would love to hear what you find!

Each month I will be providing some ideas in areas of

1.       Power (self-motivation, personal inspiration),

2.       Produce (Focus), and

3.       Progress (habits for less stress)

For April 2015 I have found:

Power – to Motivate

Amy Cuddy TED Talk – Your Body Language Shapes who you are!


Produce – to Focus

Set up daily blocks of time to spend on emails.

  1. During that block sort and file emails that don’t require your action.
  2. Move items requiring attention to an action folder.
  3. Now visit the action folder and prioritize.

(I have maintained a Zero-Inbox for one week so far, and it feels great, but takes work)

Progress – to ensure less stress

Plan for an early start each morning

  1. Set out you clothes, breakfast and lunch fixings the night before.
  2. Leave your phone, keys and wallet in the same place each night
  3. Write a note to yourself if you need to remember something on your way out the door.

Take a look and try some of these on for size, I would love to hear what you find!  Harass your mentors and see what similar insights they have experienced.

Feel free to forward to others.  If you are not already subscribed to my email please feel free to join at: http://eepurl.com/bnDjuD


 Jesse Corrigan, P.Eng.