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Recommended reads:

  1. Winning Body Language – Mark Bowden
  2. Linchpin – Seth Godin
  3. Getting Things Done – David Allen
  4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey
  5. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – Benjamin Franklin

I have regularly been listening to these Podcasts:

  1. Coaching for leaders  –
  2. Manager-Tools –


Reference to July 2015 Power topic – Sleep

Fatigue Science Evaluation – Jesse Corrigan Summer 2013


I was eating late, 8:30-9pm and working on my laptop until 10:30 -11pm each night.  I had to get up around 5am to ensure attendance at the daily 6am Project meeting.  This resulted in poor sleeping habits and insufficient rest.  My sleep debt was made visible through a study using the Readiband (personal movement data collection device) and the interpretation  issued by Fatigue Science.


The Fatigue Science interpreted my data from several weeks of poor sleep.  My ‘next-day’ performance visibly suffered on the daily  Effectiveness graph.


During the time of the study, 52% of the time that I was awake, I was a risk to myself and my coworkers.  I was more impaired that the legal limit for alcohol.  Project managers trusted me with Project decisions and safety of others on busy roads.   I was a potential safety statistic waiting to happen.  Fortunately, I was confronted with this stark information.

I started recording my progress toward improvement:

  1. Sleep duration
  2. Daily routine , including meals and time to bed and rising
  3. Daily exercise and relaxation

I was able to get my sleep on track and my performance closer the ideal.

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